Bo Wang
I was born in Baoji, China in year 1982. To pursue my dream, I went 1,100 miles northeast to Beijing, where I started my undergraduate study in chemistry and solid-state physics. Beside systematic training in chemistry and diligent work in lab, I found industrial experience could be critical for me to understand the role of technology in a broader context.  So I participated the “Global Management Training Program” from P & G and worked as a market analyst for 2 months and later on I joined GHD Ltd. as a summer intern. After seeing the big picture, I decided to dive into the ocean of science and search for my treasure. This time I flew more than 10,000 miles across the Pacific Ocean all the way to  Ann Arbor, a beautiful and quite town in MI. There I joined Prof. Yaghi’s research group and started my academic life in design, synthesis new types of porous materials named MOFs and ZIFs, which could be widely used in , to name a few, hydrogen storage, gas separation and drug delivery. In year 2006, the whole research group decided to move to some place warmer, Los Angeles. Not surprisingly, once again, I drove 2,200 miles across the continent to follow the group and the research.
Here, in the City of Angels, I worked happily on ZIFs and invented several new materials which can selectively capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and behave as gas reservoirs (as reported in BBC Radio (International), Los Angeles Times, Kansas City Star, Baltimore Sun, CBC News (Canada), Chemistry World (UK), People’s Daily (China), etc.)
I also devote myself  into various social activities to serve our community. I worked as a board member in GSSPC (Graduate Student Symposium Planning Committee) and successfully hosted the NanoPower Symposium on alternative energy in New Orleans 2008 (as reported in C&EN news). I also served as the President of the Chinese Student and Scholars Association (CSSA) and co-founded the Union of Chinese Students and Scholars at State of Michigan (UCSS).
Recently, inspired by entrepreneur and evangelist Guy Kawasaki and his motto, “make the world a better place”, I co-founded an organization named Start-ups and Entrepreneur Association at UCLA, which dedicates to establishing and maintaining the platforms for campus start-ups, young scientists and engineers, as well as successful corporations.
Name: Bo Wang
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Birthday: Oct 7th
Tel: 310-983-1348 (O)
My Autobiography
I received my B.S. in Chemistry from
 Peking University (China) in 2004
and M.S. in Material Chemistry from
 University of Michigan, Ann Arbor in 2006. Now I am pursuing my PhD degree in Chemistry in University of California, Los Angeles. My advisor and mentor is Prof. Omar M. Yaghi.
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